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    Water Filtration in Healthcare – plumbing in your patients welfare

    Finding the Right Water Filtration System

    Most of those working in the healthcare industry will understand just how crucial it can be to have clean, sterilized water – and because of this, having the ideal water filtration system installed by a company like Southland Filtration is often something that’s necessary not only for the patients, but for the staff working at the hospital too.

    Why is a quality water filtration system necessary?

    Purified water is an important part of so many different aspects of this industry; from laboratory water, to keeping everyone both clean and properly hydrated. Filtration systems and general quality plumbing supplies are generally able to help ensure that no waterborne diseases can grow, provide professionals with clean water to sterilize tools and accessories, and so much more.

    With all this, it’s not hard to see why it can be vital for hospitals to ensure that they have the right water purification systems installed – and fortunately for healthcare specialists, we’re here to help them find the best products available.

    The devices we have to offer

    Our team here at Southland Filtration know that it’s imperative for these kinds of establishments to have access to a continuously clean supply and because of this, we offer a range of products from different brands to help any hospital or healthcare centre to get the water they need. A few great options include:

    Endotherm systems

    Endotherm have a range of excellent devices that can be used in the healthcare industry. The Endotherm DUO system for example offers purified water at an ideal temperature – and can be programmed to perform thermal sanitization duties at any time (this can be ideal for facilities that aren’t open all hours). There are quite a few specs that allow this device to provide sanitised water; like the reverse osmosis, 0.04 filtration and ultra violet light.

    AUTOFINE Screen Filters

    The AUTOFINE range is ideal for a variety of uses, thanks to the fact that it’s manufactured in both 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, has options for specialized coatings and a 0.5 micron filtration. While suitable for practically any industry and use, healthcare facilities are sure to find that these systems are ideal for providing pure and safe to drink water.

    DEFENDER Filtration and Disinfection Modules

    DEFENDER has many great products and we’re proud to be able to provide them to the people who need them most. Quality and design are two key elements of these devices – often making them more effective and even providing a longer-lasting installation. When it comes to the best products in the industry, most look to DEFENDER’s fantastic range.

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    Can Alcohol Addiction Affect Behaviour – Revive Emergency Medical Training

    Alcohol Addiction and its Affect on Behaviour

    In most cases, alcohol addiction can change a person’s behavior – and not in a good way. This is not only bad for them, but also for the people around them. Most alcoholics don’t even know that their behaviour has been changed in the first place and this can lead to complications in and of itself.


    Transformations Treatment Center

    Cognitive Therapy for Addictions Video

    Can alcohol addiction affect behaviour? Yes it certainly can – and that’s because an abuser is often dependent on alcohol. They begin to focus more on drinking than anything else and it becomes their main priority.

    How does alcoholism affect behaviour?

    When people begin to think that they need alcohol and their lives begin to revolve around drinking, their behaviour changes. If they feel like they need to drink and people tell them that they have a problem and that they shouldn’t, it will make them feel angry and upset, especially if they don’t even realise that they have a drinking problem to begin with.

    Often, an alcoholic will end up caring more about drinking than anything else and this also often has a negative impact on their behaviour. They will become selfish and uncaring about those around them – and this can lose them their family, friends and other people that they care about.

    Many alcoholics feel like they need alcohol to be able to function and if they can’t get any, they may resort to things that they shouldn’t do (such as stealing money). They may even end up hurting people who are stopping them from drinking, too.

    Behavioral treatment programs for alcoholics

    There are many treatment programs that can help alcoholics to overcome their addiction, but that doesn’t help their behaviour. Luckily, there are also treatment programs that were created to help alcoholics to correct their negative behaviour and rebuild their lives.

    In behavioral treatment programs, addicts can be helped to develop skills that they will need to see what their addiction to alcohol has done – and when they understand that alcohol has damaged their life and behaviour, they can work on correcting it.

    Rehab centres can help

    Most rehabilitation centres not only have addiction treatment, but also addiction behavioral treatment programs, too. With an experts’ care and help, an addict can be worked with to find the issues in their behaviour and even be helped to change their behavior back to the way it was before they were gripped in the vice of alcoholism.

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