Kamp for Kids™ 

Celebrating 40 Years of Inclusion

Kamp for Kids™, a place where kids learn, grow and play together, began because of one Mom’s dream: To start the first ever inclusive summer day camp for children, with and without disabilities.

In memory of Judith Ann Hoyt

(March 8, 1941 - September 5, 2010)


Please join us for our:

40th Kamp for Kids™ Celebration, July 17, 2015

Annual Dream Builder Event, October 21, 2015

Today, Kamp still emphasizes teamwork, cooperation, and individual skill development to prevent learning loss, including positive socialization, increased self-esteem, physical activity, self-control, anger management, and daily living skills. 

Kamp for Kids™ is more than a Recreational Summer Kamp; it is an experience of friendship and inclusion, where lifelong friendships begin.

During a camper skit, a counselor shouts encouragement to Ashley, who has Cerebral Palsy. Tall, thin and quiet, she rests a sign on her chest for everyone to see, “I love Hanna Montana, and I hate spiders”.  A smile illuminates across Ashley’s face.

Every eye is now captivated by Ashley’s smile and excitement, as campers, counselors, parents and visitors let out a thunderous applause, creating a circle of encouragement around her.

Although Ashley moves around using a wheelchair and is non-verbal, her contagious smile and boasting pride show she’s just like any other kid at summer camp.  She’s having fun, learning, growing and developing a sense of belonging – she’s included.

Alumni, Parents and Friends...

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                                               *By Wendy Lane Wright