Thanks to YOU, stories of tragedy have become stories of triumph, inspiration and HOPE.

Your generosity and every dollar supports our mission to help people achieve greater health and well-being
in everyday life. Your contributions and partnership energize us!

Your partnership is creating a healthier community. Every life saved in desperate times, every child who stays in school, every family who stays in their home, and every day of life-changing rehabilitation services help! 

Dream Builder Founding Business Sponsors
Country Bank
Westfield Bank
The Wealth Technology Group
Adella H. & Alfred T. Giller Charitable Trust
Field Eddy Insurance
Westfield Gas & Electric
Easthampton Savings Bank Foundation, Inc.
J.Dirats & Co., Inc.
Meyers Brothers Kalicka PC

Dream Builder Business Members
The Rotary Club Of Westfield
Kiwanis Club Of Westfield, Inc.
Timothy's Auto Sales
Walmart Foundation
Dyson Foundation
Shurtleff Children's Services, Inc.
Advance Mfg. Co., Inc.
TJX Foundation
Community Development Block Grant, Ware
Community Development Block Grant, Westfield
Community Foundation of Western MA
Circle Of Honor Society
Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation
Pinewood Acres Children's Charity, Inc.
American Camping Association
TAG Communications
The First Congregational Church of Westfield
Annino, Draper, & Moore, P.C.
Ellen Rice Rest Home, Inc.
Annual Ladies Tea
Betts Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., Inc
Air Compressor Engineering
Bon Ton
Chicopee Savings Charitable Foundation
Westfield Housing Authority
Colebrook Realty Services, Inc.
Doherty, Wallace, Piillsbury & Murphy P.C.
Deano's Food Concessions
American Homecare Federation, Inc.
Dillon Consulting and Tax Services
Easthampton Police Association
Forish Construction Co., Inc.
Maple Hill Rest Home, Inc.
Monson Savings Bank
New England Orthopedic Surgeons
Non Profit Volunteer Network
Park Square Realty
Poppie's Concessions & Joanie's Ice Cream
Witch Enterprises, Inc.
Puffers Salon & Day Spa
R Levesque Associates
Westfield Police Association
Savage Arms
Senator, Donald Humason
TOVA Industries, Inc.
Truck Crane Services, Inc.
United Way of Hampshire County
W.J. Quinn Co. LLC
Ware Business and Civic Association, Inc.
Westfield Auto and Truck Center, Inc.
Ad-Hoc Philanthropic Committee
Big Y Foods, Inc.
Gary Olszewski & Company, PC
Ed's French Fries
Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation
Other Guys Moving Company
Zonta Club of Quaboag Valley
STM Technology, Inc.
Discount Office Furniture, Inc.

Dream Builder Founding Members
Allen, Rockwell
Ziblim, Abukari
Anderson, Roger
Andrews, Mark and Joyce
Barbara Braem-Jensen and Robert Jensen
Bellows, Richard and Danielle
Cameron, Phillip and Roberta
Correll, Joan
Criscitelli, Marc
Damon, Kathleen
Dillion, Brian
Ennis, Deborah
Gravel, David and Mary
Harvey, Bryan and Lynn Griesemer
Landon, Peter and Margaret
Lane Wright, Wendy
Lavell, Lauri
Marino, Anthony and Tamara
Munsell, Kevin
Reilly, George and Elizabeth
Rothschild, Warren and Deborah
Rutherford, James and Susan
Simonds, Jane
Shaver, John and Debra
Steger, Christopher and Carmel
Strout, Kenin
Volpie, Denise
West, Susan C.
West, Donald

Dream Builder Individual Donors
Abar, Sylvia
Allard, Andrea
Agan, Cindy
Amanti, Anthony & Norma
Amanti, David and Holly
Anderson, Kathleen
Annino Jr., Calvin and Frances
Armstrong, Elizabeth
Ayers, Richard & Nancy
Bailey, Lois
Baillargeon, Marty
Bannish, Steven and Carlene
Barclay, John and Phyllis
Barnes, Donald and Donna
Basitble, Cathleen
Beckley, Stuart
Belliveau, Michael and Maureen
Benoit, Anne
Bolow, Jeff
Bonini, Robert
Boscher, Lynn and Mary
Boudreau, John F.
Brady, Laurence and Mary
Bresnahan, Marie Brighid
Brochu, Armand and Patricia
Brownlee, Robert and Linda
Bryant, James and Nancy
Butler, Jr., Roger and Debbie
Cardillo, Wayne and Beth
Capell, Robert & Donna
Carignan Thomas, Dawn
Carignan, Donald and Janet
Carney, Howard and  Brodeur, Catherine
Carra, Victor
Carter, Nelson and Linda
Cassanelli, Daniel and Janet
Catuccio, Robert and Jana
Capell, Robert & Donna
Chistolini, John & Jeanne
Chouinard, Lenore R.
Clark, Donald 
Climo, Shirley
Cook, Allison
Cote, Tryon and Heidi
Couture, John
Criscitelli, Marc
Crowley, Robert and Kathleen
Cuddy, James and Sheila
Dean, Reverend John
Dempsey, William and Anne
Desmond, John and Genevieve
Dewey, Bruce and Jody
Diana, Daniel and Vanessa Holford Diana
Doe, David and Margaret
Doherty, Eileen and Fred
Dunphy, Christopher and Sharon
Dunski, Stuart and Bonnie
Dziedzic, Katrina
Ellsworth, Michael and Kimberly
Faerber, Kent and Scottie
Ferrandino, Frank
Firton-Adams Funeral Service, Inc.
Flahive, Joseph
Fletcher, Laura
Foard, Lawrence and Judith
Folchman, Ruth
Foggle, William
Francis, Gary
Friguglietti, Francis and Kathleen
Gaylord, Richard
Genovese, Raymond and Jodie
Goodkin, E.
Goodwin, Molly
Gottardi, Robin
Gover, Gary & Priscilla
Goyette, Ann
Goyette, Elizabeth
Gowdy, Donald and Rosemary
Grise, Constance
Groves, Abigail
Haas, Matthew
Hannigan, Donald E.
Hardie, Linda & Rick
Hardy, Stephen and Karen
Harris, Clifford & Susan
Hartdegen, Carl
Hartdegen, Cynthia
Haselkorn, Arthur
Hebb, Robert and Mary
Herrick, Robert and Josephine
Homan, James
Horrigan, Francis
Hotchkiss, Phillip and Annmarie
Humason, Donald
Hutton, Lester and McMahon, Theresa
Humphreys, Nancy
Hynes, William and Emma
Hynes, William and Glenda
Joseph, Michael and Tamara
Kahn, Marcia
Kasperowski, Alan & Bryan
Keenan, Christine
Kennedy, Christopher and Jessica
Kennedy, Michael and Julieann
Khatchadauciar, Alex
Kiendzior, Nancy
Kingra, G. S.
Kirkham, William and Gwendoline Harder-Kirkham, 
Kleer Lumber
Knapik, John
Knapp, Lisa B.
Koerber, David E.
Kriesak, Yvonne
LaBarge, Susan
LaBombard, Cynthia
LaCroix, Michael
Lane, Harry C. and Nancy L.
Latour, Roger
Leiker, Karl
L'Esperance, Joyce
Levine, James
Lindberg, Phyllis
Loomis, Gary
Lussier, Janet
Lusteg, David and Elizabeth
Martin, Carol
Marzano, Mary Ann
Mattson, Evan and Roberta
McKeown, Richard and Carolyn
McLean, Diana
McMahon, Jerry and Theresa
Miller, Peter and Karen
Morin, Robert
Morrow, Richard & Dolores
Mueller, James and Susan Sprung
Nelson, Kristin
Nitsch, Melanie
Nicoll, George and Gail
Noble Hospital
O'Connell, Martin and Mary
O'Connor Midgley, Gail
O'Donnell, Margaret
O'Donoghue, Joanne
Oleksak, Elizabeth
O'Neil, Mary
O'Regan, Kevin
Parks, William
Pawle, Elva
Peck, Robert
Pelli, John and Marcia
Pepek, Patrick
Phelon, Kate
Phelon, William and Susan 
Pinsly Railroad Co
Pope, Charlene
Ramirez, Gustavo
Reid, Denzil and Daunette
Regan, Mary
Renschler, Francis and Karen
Rising, Christopher
Rittlinger, Jacky L.
Roberts-Toler, Printice and Valerie
Rock, Harry and Anne
Rogers, James and Marcia
Rothschild, Meghan
Ruth, Steven
Saulvester, Sally
Salvini, Robert and Marie
Scanlin, Patricia
Schmidt, H. Marcel, Rotary International, District 7890
Scully, Paul
Shepard, Mr. & Mrs. Weston
Sirois, Lou
Sjostedt, Michael A.
Sklarski, Cindy
Smith, Kim-Marie
Smyk, Robert and Carleen
South Hadley Ad-Hoc Philanthropic Committee
Staiti, George
Stratton, Tim
Stolpinski, Michael and Nancy
Stubbs, Susan
Surprise, Benjamin
Sweeney, John and Agma
Swindell, Barbara
Taylor, Johann
Thomas and Jacqueline Decker
Tierney, Michael
Tobin Martin, Kathy
Tokarz, Jeannette
Tomasko, Gerald & Nancy
Toomey, Bill & Bernadette
Trant, Thomas and Barbara
Vanasse, Charles P.
Viets, Anne
Vinelli, Mary Ann
Volpi, Louis & Denise
Walsh, Michael P
Walz, Elizabeth
Webb Stoud, Nancy and William
Welch, Barbara
White, Emily
White, Heather and Justin
Wilson, Katherine
Wysocki, Patricia
Zampini, Philip
Zins, Carolyn

Your spirit of generosity is inspiring!

On behalf of the individuals and their families we serve, we thank you so much for your critical support.


By Wendy Lane Wright
91% of all Carson’s funds go directly to running our programs.

*Please excuse any errors or exclusions to this list and let us know, so the appropriate corrections are made.