Carson Center Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement


The Carson Center for Human Services helps people achieve greater health and well-being in everyday life. We bring compassionate expertise to behavioral health, substance use, wellness, and education services for people of all ages and abilities.


Real Help with Real Life




Our Vision


        We maintain a caring work and service environment that respects the rights and unique contributions of every individual by acting with integrity and fairness in all relationships and transactions.


        Within a framework of hope, healing and empowerment, we partner with individuals and families to build on their strengths, fostering resilience and recovery in support of their chosen paths to more fulfilling, productive lives.


        We support education, wellness, and prevention activities in the interest of improved individual and community health status.   


        We value and encourage diversity by providing culturally competent services delivered by staff representative of the communities we serve.


        We involve people with lived experience in planning, program development, and service delivery in multiple roles, including persons served, employees, members of the board of directors, and volunteers.


        We work collaboratively within our agency and in the communities we serve to accomplish our mission.


        We are careful stewards, using our resources efficiently to ensure that our services are accessible and effective.  


        We offer services with the highest level of professional expertise, utilizing methods proven to help achieve positive, measurable outcomes.


        We are an open organization, encouraging learning, new ideas, and innovation and promoting the personal and professional growth of all who work with us.


                            Approved by the Board of Directors
                                                             January 23, 2014