Alejandra - March 17, 2015

Alejandra doesn’t mind all the time inside; she is grateful for the long winter. She knows she is likely alone in this. Her Social Security Disability Insurance payments aren’t enough so that she can save for first and last month rent, and a deposit. She’d need that to pay for an apartment, so she’s been staying with her ex –husband. He drives her to her appointments at Probation and at the Carson Center. That’s complicated. She’d left her ex years ago so that she could be with her girlfriend, who is now in jail for dealing heroin. Her girlfriend is the one who got her hooked on heroin and is the reason she was arrested for possession.

Alejandra is taking suboxone and is off of heroin. The hard part is that all the people she knows, --except her ex and the people at the Carson Center-- are all using. That’s why it feels better to stay inside right now, away from the old crowd, so she won’t feel tempted. She’s working with her therapist at Carson to build a new life, with people who will support her. She’s trying to figure out a way to get into an apartment, or even a room, to maybe move near a bus stop so she can get places. To make some friends who aren’t only trying to get high or make money off of ruining other people’s lives.

It is a long walk into spring for Alejandra.

By JAC Patrissi