Zeus 5-26-15

Even though it was good that Aunt Maryanne moved with mom and me out of our old town, it was hard to leave. It’s hard to get through the school day now. Noises bother me. They say I’m starting the fights, but it honestly, I’m not. It’s just that kids are always pushing into me, wanting to start things. That’s how it seems to me.

My Carson In Home Therapist says that it is just a result of the trauma. Watching what Dad did to mom all those times. She says it changed me and that I have to stop for a second when I think kids are causing me trouble. Because maybe they aren’t, really.

Maybe it just feels that way because it mostly always feels hot and jammed up inside me. Maybe I just feel like people are starting trouble because I’m ready for trouble now after what happened.

They’ve had me try a bunch of things. What works is taking time alone. What works is splashing some cold water on my face. The problem is, teachers don’t like you taking time alone and putting cold water on your face in the middle of social studies and math.

The school counselor has a therapy dog. His name is Zeus. Zeus works, too. Even better than cold water. If I can hang with Zeus, I can get through any class.

My Carson Therapeutic Mentor set up this deal: If I can use three of my strategies a day at school between classes, then I get Zeus- time. I’ve been banking Zeus- time like crazy. If I get enough, I can spend the whole day with him!

The school counselor even brings Zeus to my Care Plan Team meetings. I used to not want to go. But with Zeus, anything is possible. After Zeus, I’d say it was the Carson Center people that came up with the most helpful things. But Zeus is first. He’s got the best ideas of anybody.

By JAC Patrissi