Kamp for Kids™ 

Celebrating 40 Years of Inclusion

Kamp for Kids™, a place where kids learn, grow and play together, began because of one Mom’s dream: To start the first ever inclusive summer day camp for children, with and without disabilities.

In memory of Judith Ann Hoyt

(March 8, 1941 - September 5, 2010)


On Friday, July 17th, Rick, Rob and Dick Hoyt joined campers and staff in celebrating Kamp, and honoring the memory of Judy Hoyt, who started Kamp for Kids 40 years ago.


The Hoyt Family presented Sue West and Wendy Lane Wright with a check for $10,000. Rick Hoyt shared that "this $10,000 will help ensure that Kamp continues another 40 years." Dick Hoyt added, "Kamp for Kids was the inspiration that started Team Hoyt."


A very special thank you goes to Team Hoyt, The Hoyt Foundation, and the Hoyt Family. We’re changed because YOU’VE made a difference in the lives of others. It’s because of YOU that we are celebrating 40 years of time-tested inclusion at Kamp for Kids™. Thank you!

Please join us for our:

Annual Dream Builder Event, October 21, 2015

Today, Kamp still emphasizes teamwork, cooperation, and individual skill development to prevent learning loss, including positive socialization, increased self-esteem, physical activity, self-control, anger management, and daily living skills. 

Kamp for Kids™ is more than a Recreational Summer Kamp; it is an experience of friendship and inclusion, where lifelong friendships begin.

During a camper skit, a counselor shouts encouragement to Ashley, who has Cerebral Palsy. Tall, thin and quiet, she rests a sign on her chest for everyone to see, “I love Hanna Montana, and I hate spiders”.  A smile illuminates across Ashley’s face.

Every eye is now captivated by Ashley’s smile and excitement, as campers, counselors, parents and visitors let out a thunderous applause, creating a circle of encouragement around her.

Although Ashley moves around using a wheelchair and is non-verbal, her contagious smile and boasting pride show she’s just like any other kid at summer camp.  She’s having fun, learning, growing and developing a sense of belonging – she’s included.

Alumni, Parents and Friends...

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                                               *By Wendy Lane Wright