During Run Westfield on May 16, 2015, participants will be running and walking on behalf of non-profit organizations to raise money for participating charities. 


With more than 2,000 registered runners expected in 2015, at least 12 charities will receive donations in support of their missions. Participants are thrilled that $5.00 of every individual entry will be donated to their favorite charity, and they can make additional donations when registering for the race.


A few of the charities -- Amelia Park Children’s Museum, The Carson Center and the Westfield Soup Kitchen, are participating in Run Westfield to raise support for their mission, as well as to network and share resources through the Non-Profit Volunteer work of Greater Westfield, because we are the change we want to see in our community.


This year, The Carson Center is thrilled to partner with the Tierney Group to raise support for Carson Programs through Run Westfield, and to raise awareness for mental health, and to help people achieve greater health and well-being in everyday life. Why? Have you ever wondered what it is like to be homeless, hungry, coping with the loss of a loved one, addicted or desperately poor?  


Every day Carson staff, whether in the office, in your homes, in your child’s school or in your community, builds a team of support, so your family, friends and neighbors can reach their wellness goals and live healthy lives. Because every life saved in desperate times, every child who stays in school, every family who stays together in their home, and every day of life-changing rehabilitation services help!


Last year, within the Greater Westfield Community, Carson served 5,216 people. Nearly 1,500 were children and their families. Overall, your Carson Center Programs provide comprehensive community-based Mental Health and Rehabilitation Services, for some 7,700 Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Families each year, in 40 Communities, from Pittsfield to Ware.


With droves of visitors and running enthusiasts anticipated from all over the Northeast and beyond, your community spirit and support will make a positive impact on the participating charities, and the Greater Westfield Community.


Run Westfield recognizes and reflects a supportive community spirit, while advancing Westfield’s year-round philanthropic efforts, as we run and walk together toward a better community - so no one walks alone!

By Wendy Lane Wright