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Advantages of Using a Medical Temperature Logger

There are many advantages to using a medical temperature logger by CleverLogger to ensure patient safety. These tools are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all medical settings. There are battery-powered and USB-powered models, and they all have the ability to record temperature changes for pharmaceuticals. You can also record temperature changes for vaccines and pharmaceuticals. These devices also make it easy to keep track of pharmaceutical temperatures, and they automatically create graphs and tables that are permanent records. Some units also include a USB port cable, as well as a quick start guide in a variety of languages. Early trial data is very promising

Cobalt ML3

The Cobalt ML3 medical temperature logging system combines a robust casing with wide operating range and an angled LCD display for easy reading. This system is designed for mobile and transport applications, but can also be used for fixed monitoring. Its LoRaWAN wireless connectivity allows it to join gateways within its range. This logger stores sensor readings in its internal memory during transit and automatically transfers the data to the OCEAView(tm) monitoring solution.

The Cobalt ML3 features a high-precision sensor that measures temperature in a range of -30 to +70degC. The sensor is also programmable. This allows you to define thresholds, set reading intervals, and set when to start and stop data collection. The system is ideal for monitoring the temperature of sensitive products throughout the cold chain. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable medical temperature logger, the Cobalt ML3 is the ideal solution for your needs.


The SSN-11E medical temperature logger from ELPRO is a powerful tool for monitoring temperature-sensitive items. With the SSN-11E, you can monitor a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels in a single, portable device. Its cable length is 7.05 feet (215 cm). The logger’s data storage capacity is up to 20M. It also features 8 temperature alarms. The SSN-11E is FDA-approved and complies with RoHS.

The AeroScout solution leverages your hospital’s Wi-Fi network for a scalable and flexible solution. With multiple sensors – humidity, VFC, voltage, and contact closure – it covers the entire hospital and off-campus sites. The T15e temperature tag is a highly versatile solution for virtually any temperature monitoring requirement. It offers a large visual display, local storage of up to 64000 temperature records, and a range of -200degC to +140degC. Moreover, advanced reporting and custom events provide streamlined regulatory compliance.

EBI 20-T1

The EBI 20-T1 medical temperature logging device is a data logger with an internal temperature sensor and memory unit. It is suitable for continuous measurements, has a large LCD display, and is powered by a lithium battery. It can be programmed using a PC, and comes with an interface. You’ll need this interface to program the logger. For more information on this data logger, read on.

The EBI 20-T1 data logger comes in two versions, the TF and the TE1. The TF version features a waterproof NTC probe and an easy-to-read LCD display. Its memory can record up to 40,000 measurements, and it is fully programmable from one minute to 24 hours. The TE1 has the same features as the TF version, but is able to record both temperature and humidity.

S8000 precision hygrometer

The S8000 precision hygrometer medical thermometer offers an array of features that make it an ideal medical thermometer. In addition to providing accurate temperature measurements, it also offers advanced features for remote monitoring. These features include customizable alerts and multiple user accounts. Additionally, this model is compatible with WiFi connectivity, which means that it will work even in remote locations. The unit uses two AA batteries, which last about six to twelve months, and will automatically alert you when the batteries are low.

The S8000 precision hygrometer is capable of measuring the dew point, temperature and pressure. This high-quality hygrometer can be used for a wide range of industrial applications. It uses an advanced dual optics technology to detect the minute changes in moisture that condenses on the mirror surface. The result is high sensitivity and fast response to changes in the frost point. The S8000 is also equipped with analog outputs and Modbus digital communications. It has 4-wire Pt100 connections on its rear panel.

Lec Medical

A Lec Medical temperature logger is a handy tool to keep track of the refrigeration temperature of pharmaceutical products. The correct storage of pharmaceutical products is crucial to the quality of their contents. To help pharmacies and GP surgeries maintain accurate refrigeration temperatures, Lec Medical has developed an advanced data logger. It offers secondary temperature records for pharmaceutical products, and works with a wide range of temperatures between -35 and +80 degrees Celsius. This unit has a large memory and replaceable lithium battery, and is suitable for many medical units.

The Lec ATMDL01 data logger has a high-resolution LCD display that can be calibrated for optimum performance. The display allows you to cycle between current temperature, maximum stored temperature, and minimum stored temperature. It is simple to use and can be connected to a PC via a USB port. It also features a graphical interface with key temperature and humidity information. Lastly, the Lec ATMDL01 data logger comes with a one-year warranty.

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