Quit Smoking E Cigarettes

How To Find The Best E-Cigarettes

Many people have been switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes over the past few years; and for good reason. The former is well-known to pose a variety of health risks and as tobacco isn’t used in the more modern alternative, these are drastically reduced for e-cig smokers. 

Some users are hoping to use them as an aid to give up smoking, while others would simply like to engage in the social activity that is smoking without any issues. No matter what your reason is for choosing to use these devices, it’s no secret that finding the right one for your needs can make all of the difference to your experience. If you are considering using one yourself, or in buying one as a gift, you may want to know how to find the best e-cigarettes.

Where to start your search for ecigs

Word of mouth can be a powerful tool; there’s nothing quite like asking a friend or an acquaintance about their experience with a particular brand or model – making it easier to hone-in on the right type for your needs.

There are a range of grocery stores that sell e-cigs across Australia (namely those that already sell tobacco products), as well as a range of dedicated stores that can be found on the high street. While specialist stores and friends and family can offer you advice and point you in the right direction, online can often be the best place to start.

When conducting a search online, it may be a good idea to do some research on the types of device available and the prices that you should expect to pay before making a purchase. There is likely to be a range of reviews on all sorts of devices – and third-party websites can be more relevant (and more reliable) than sponsored or dedicated electronic cigarette sites.

Opting for more localised providers may save you money when considering delivery charges (as opposed to buying from the other side of the country, or even overseas), so be sure to check the location from which your order will be sent.

Types of E Cigarettes

Be sure to consider the potential use of the device and therefore the functionality that you may be hoping for. As almost all devices are battery operated as standard, keeping in mind factors such as charging times and estimated battery life can be important to ongoing use. Bear in mind that not all cartridges are refillable and that there are devices on offer that have been modified to suit specific needs (known as Mods) that may enhance or reduce your potential enjoyment during use depending on what you are looking for.

E cig liquids

E-liquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths to suit the needs of the user and can come in a range of flavours too – and there are also nicotine-free options for those who are hoping to find a healthier alternative to smoking.